About LETS

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LETS stands for Local Exchange Trading Scheme, and through our membership of LETSlink UK, we are part of a national and international network of Community Currencies, which enable members to acknowledge each other for goods or help received by means of their very own complementary currency - ours is called “bees”.

LETS uses a system of Mutual Credit, in which every member has a personal account, from which they can make payments. The administrators may take regular fees from the members into a System Account and they may set up a number of other accounts to support the system, e.g. an Admin Fund and a Social Fund. Overall, the sum of all of these accounts is zero.

The main purpose of LETS is to build community in our neighbourhood, by encouraging members to support each other - and in the context of climate change and austerity it is even more important than when were were first founded in 2001 to share all the available resources as well as possible. To achieve both aims, we need members to keep their profiles and Offers & Wants up to date, and to participate in Socials and decision-making Meetings.

Please explore the website, and when you are ready to participate, go to Join Us and fill in the form. Once you have received your four-digit ID and password by email, you will be able to login in, and information about other members becomes available to you..Inside Pages gives you information about how to manage your account, the roles of members of the Steering Group, and notes of their meetings, etc..